Let Everything Exist

We, the people at WeFindX, observed that the world is becoming too complex for humans to understand. We research general principles and develop simple models with a purpose of helping humans to make sense of the world and together shape its direction.

Technical Background

We build simple (for inclusivity) ontological frameworks, data and information integration systems, as well as collaborating towards specific public-benefit data integration and representation tasks to help make the world understandable and interactive, so as to accommodate collective discourse of the society at all levels, in order to enable humanity to self-coordinate and understand itself, before the technologies and economies becomes too complex for anyone to truly comprehend it.

Dedicated to solving the world’s equation (F(X)=Y), we take it as our mission to help the world’s people to collectively define and pursue goals, and do it before the emergence of super-intelligence that may take its power to define goals for us.

Our tools and interactive data aggregation models like Metaformat, and the Infinity project aim to make the equation model accessible to people. We also started investigating how IRL can be used to search for society’s true intent (Ŷ) from observing its actions (X).

How we Think

Our philosophy is guided by the LEE principle and the LET objective.

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