Let Everything Exist:

— Everything, that anyone truly wishes to exist as real things, and everything else as ideas.

Mission is rooted in what we believe to be a rational criterion to separate good from evil: good is to let the world exist, and evil is to destroy it. The negation of destroying Universe is to let Everything exist.

All life forms had come out from a process of evolution, where the great filter of time (or entropy) tends to destroy entities that don’t organize information to model the entropy to counteract it. All forms of matter and energy in our universe appear to be the subject of this great filter of time. By induction, if we assume an infinitely long evolutionary process, all the matter and energy in the universe would acquire a form where it desires to be (retain information). We conclude that the world (future, present and past) wants to be and not to be destroyed.

Everything, that anyone truly wishes to exist as real things, and everything else as ideas.

Every keyword has a definition:

— Everything: universe both as a whole, as well as every part of it.
— Truly: not falsified, even when exhaustively checked by every part of universe.
— Exist: to be, either as real thing or as an idea.
— Real thing: something that manifests in timespace.
— Idea: something that manifests in our minds.

The mission maps to what we do, and scientific idea of falsifiability:

— The design of Infinity has a separation of ideas and projects. Projects are instances of ideas, and ideas become real only if they have successful projects. Under this model it is technically possible to pursue this mission by deciding, which ideas have to become real.
— We work under vetocracy: goals and ideas can be falsified by any single participant, just like in science and mathematics, where a rule can be falsified by a single observation that does not match theory. Pragmatic implications we follow in such cases: 1) Idea was misunderstood, 2) Idea as not desired truly. In such cases: We deeply refine the ideas and learn from/educate the participants that falsify them.