It is said that people don’t need a boss, people just need an understandable structure on how things get done. People use a very simple algorithm to solve all problems:

1. Conceptualise what they want
2. Think of ideas how to get it
3. Instantiate them as projects
4. Break them down to stages
5. Work on tasks within them

We express these categories formally as random variables around concepts and conditions for them, searches for transforms, hierarchical task networks, and the accounting of time and resources based on them.


We define a new currency which is an hour of a human labour and which has a stable market value. At any stage within our designed system Infinity, people can declare current or estimated future time expenditures which are then accumulated throughout the hierarchy. Moreover, we have implemented a solution to automatically calculate a project return on investment in all currencies. We do this based on the expected investments and expected values of deliverables for the stages of projects. We also enable project participants to turn time they have spent working on projects into shares of products and services created throughout a project work on our platform. Moreover, we enable participants to create credit when voting for a declared time even if people don’t have finances to compensate for it.

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