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Realise shared ideas with thinkers and doers of all kinds.

A Better way To Think Together

If you love questions and care about the world where everyone lives in harmony, join WeFindX. Expect to connect with friendly idea partners and stretch your mind.

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How Idea Incubator Works


Questioning phase

Thinking big about what we need and what we strive for.


Experimentation Phase

Sharing drafts of ideas and challenging each other’s thinking.


Imagination Phase

Synthesising together of what we all want and creating project plans.


Trade Phase

Realising shared projects and trading them online.

Idea Incubator starts in 2021

Let us know you’re interested to think together.

Thinking Together and Alone

Calls on Google Meet

Weekly video calls with everyone.

1:1 Chats on Telegram

Personal checkins with idea partners.

Virtual Forum 0oo

An organised space to view all thinking.

Love thinking?

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