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Public intelligence for global goals

Humans use Infinity to understand and shape the world around them.

Know how

Understand how inventions are made. Make copies. Scale impact. With Infinity, all procedural knowledge is at your fingertips.

Invest time

Use your time for goals, ideas and projects that matter to the world. Invest. Access capital. Trade. Infinity converts your time to digital assets.

Find information

Make sense of all the progress happening around you. Analyse the world. Standardise data. Easily find information you need.

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Bringing diverse people on the same page

No matter what is your speciality, with Infinity, you can organise and distribute resources to contribute to global goals.

Global governance

As an international NGO, make sense of big data with Infinity. Organise global goals and national initiatives. Track impact measurement and allocate impact investments to different markets at once.

Research commercialisation

As a scientist or a research institution, speed up science commercialisation. Infinity enables a secure R&D transfer and makes it easy to drive multiple startups from your scientific inventions.

Civic engagement

As a social entrepreneur or a local government, develop action-driven communities to meet national strategies. Distribute grants to local communities at ease. Enable communities to grow sustainably and create their own goods.

Open company management

As a business leader, take responsibility and open up your company data to the public. Educate society about your strategic initiatives and source skilled professionals to work for you in flexible terms.

Startup factories and accelerators

As an investor, invest directly to inventors and innovators of high-tech solutions that solve global challenges. Easily replicate success in multiple markets at once. Keep track of projects progress and mentor virtually.

Lifelong learning and development

As a learner, develop complex problem solving skills by working on multiple inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural projects that solve real world problems. Gain financial literacy skills by keeping track of time you spend making insights and creating knowledge.

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