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Public intelligence for fintech, knowledge transfer, civic engagement markets.


A full cycle of innovation at your fingertips

Infinity technology provides a set of solutions for decision makers as well as analysts who want to manage knowledge, make investments and drive insights about a pulse of innovation.

Knowledge Management

Infinity Tree is the most comprehensive framework to organize human knowledge.

Trading and Investments

Infinity Hour is the most accurate currency reflecting the real value of assets: human time used to create goods.

Universal Data Analytics

Infinity Meta is the easiest way to standardize data and find information you need.


Global innovation made easy

Infinity makes knowledge management, investments and global insights public and integrated.

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  • Meta Protocols

team mission

Making the world inclusive and cooperative

WeFindX Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Ireland.
The principal activity of WeFindX is development of the Internet.

"People need to agree about global goals before artificial intelligence defines it."
Mindaugas Indriunas aka mindey i
"Technology should help people develop. People develop through cooperation."
Ruta Danyte


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  • Web App
  • Chat Bot
  • APIs
  • Meta Protocols


  • Knowledge Management
  • Trading and Investments
  • Universal Data Analytics

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