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Research themes


Self-explanatory artificial intelligence. Topics include AGI, existential risks, public data, data standards, and more.


Universally accessible and secure finance systems. Topics include company law, employment law, social security, universal basic income, social impact investment, blockchain, e-government, and more.


Responsible personal sovereignty. Topics include data rights, digital identity, cryptography, and more.

Featured research questions

How might we define shared goals?

As a humanity if we aim to agree on shared goals, we need to have a shared language.

Theme: Intelligence
Topics: Data standards

How might we understand the world made of different organisations?

To understand the world, we need to collect metadata. A taxonomy of world’s organisations is desired.

Theme: Intelligence
Topics: Data standards, public data

How might we ensure people collectively work on important ideas?

To distribute resources – human time, know-how, knowledge, finances – we need to create conditions for social security for people working on globally important projects.

Theme: Cooperation
Topics: Employment law, universal basic income, e-government, blockchain, social impact investment

How might we ensure people pursue goals together?

Current world was created for a physical and not digital economy. A digital ecosystem for trading of goods and transferring the ownership of products, companies, part of copyrights is desired.

Theme: Cooperation
Topics: Company law, e-government, blockchain

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