Create conditions that allow people to freely work on ideas directly in society without middle managers or organisations identified as employers – create a public work system.

Create conditions to help people understand the process of any project development. Provide knowledge to people on how any goods and services are created and allow to replicate the same process to create whatever they want and need by using their own time and the laws of physics, as this is fully sufficient to create whatever has been already created by the mankind.

Create conditions for society as a whole to openly see what’s happening in a global family and openly share without restricting ourselves with NDAs and work contracts and instead freely choose to invest time in those things that matter. Effective democracy is when people own their time and are enabled to vote by time to do what’s most important.

Create conditions for the world to define common goals and take action to pursue them together. We believe that if humanity won’t define its goals, not far is the future, when artificial intelligence will define it for us, and then it’ll be too late. That’s why we seek to create conditions for humanity at large to consciously define common goals while cooperating on international level and take action to achieve them.

Create a public, friendly and open artificial intelligence, that seeks our goals. Every single company is already using resource management, accounting and business intelligence systems and is actively investing in the development of solutions driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning with the goal to optimize the operations of their business. While it’s economically profitable for many organisations, unfortunately, it’s creating a risk for multiple artificial intelligences managing closed corporations and entire governments. We suggest an open system for resource management and optimization, which would be used by the citizens of the world, and where every individual would be able to understand the solutions and the decision making process behind it.

To do that, we are creating the conditions for human discussions driven by problems, ideas and projects in all the languages and currencies: the Infinity.

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