The WeFindX Foundation

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Mission: Helping the World Define and Pursue Goals.

Dedicated to solving the world’s equation (F(X)=Y), we take it as our mission to help the world’s people to collectively define and pursue goals, and do it before the emergence of super-intelligence that may take its power to define goals for us.


Mindey Indriūnas (CV, Website, LinkedIn)
“Ideation Geek” based in Lithuania, Ireland and China.

Mindey is an innovator and explorer searching for practical applications of science and mathematics to maximize expected long-term gains for humanity, while hedging against the loss. He is passionate about non-incremental innovation, and carefully designing systems that would therefore scale, and enable us to solve important problems large number of times. He holds a BA of applied mathematics from Vytautas Magnus University, and has been a PhD candidate at Purdue University, in interdisciplinary life-sciences and linguistics — the work, that inspired to think of minimal ontologies and models for information exchange, goal alignment, and understanding of our complex world simply.

Ruta Danytė (Website, LinkedIn)
“Imaginator” based in Ireland.

Rūta is an imaginator. She blends digital marketing, design and learning facilitation for the purpose of helping everyone to create value for the world. Her main interest is the philosophy of self-actualisation and co-existence. Ruta loves creative writing expeditions in wildlife.


Alina Gutoreva (Website, LinkedIn)
based in United Kingdom.

Alina is a PhD researcher in Behavioural Science at the Department of Psychology at University of Warwick and ONE Lab (University of Warwick doctoral fellowship). She is fascinated by social influence and communication. Her PhD work investigates how the mode of learning — from others or from personal experience — shape the decision-making process and results in behaviour.

Haoji Xu (LinkedIn)
based in Canada and China.
Haoji is a student at Appleby College interested in philosophy, politics, and economics, with liberal arts at heart. He is a community builder & lover. A research volunteer at WeFindX. Passionate about building semantic web for Humanity.


Ali Aliev (Website, LinkedIn)
based in Azerbaijan.
Ali is a software engineer with extensive experience in back-end development in Python and Django, and JavaScript, ReactJS-based front-end, and an expert in infrastructure automation. An active contributor to the Infinity project, passionate about building systems to make positive impact to the world at scale.

Seva Dudakov (LinkedIn)
based in Russia.
Seva is a software engineer and a teacher at heart, and a great project manager. He has extensive experience in Python/Django backends, and JavaScript ReactJS front-end, Agile and Scrum methodologies, and skills implementing web design. He enjoys contributing to projects that matter, and have a good time with teams!

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